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About Luxor

Industry Expertise

Luxor's focus since 1997 has been exclusively aimed at credit reporting technology. Its leadership has been building credit reporting technology since 1974 creating national credit repositories, credit reporing agency and lending system technologies.

Management Team

Robb M. Murdock - President/CEO

Mr. Murdock serves as President and CEO of Luxor Technologies, Inc., a credit reporting technology company serving industries nationwide with leading-edge credit reporting software and services. He has been a software technologist since 1969; and has been creating real-time, revenue generating, credit reporting systems since 1974.

Prior to founding Luxor Technologies, Inc., Mr. Murdock served as Vice President and Senior Technologist with First American Financial. There Mr. Murdock managed the creation of FASTWeb, the first Business to Business E-commerce system for the Title Insurance Industry.

Prior to his position with First American Financial, Mr. Murdock served as CIO of First American/CREDCO, an information management company specializing in credit reporting where he developed and co-patented Instant Merge® (patent# 5,274,547) , the first online, real-time merged credit reporting system. The Instant Merge system is one of the most guarded technologies in credit reporting today. This system is the foundation for CREDCO’s success in dominating the merged credit reporting markets with lending and direct to consumer products.

Mr. Murdock also spent 15 years developing and maintaining the Pinger System, the core technology for Associated Credit Services, a subsidiary of Computer Sciences Corporation, one of the five original national credit repositories. There, he served as Senior Technologist. Mr. Murdock brings over 45 years experience in online, electronic commerce systems development. Mr. Murdock is responsible for designing and building the system platform. His responsibilities include project management, system upgrades and ongoing administration.

James R. Weinberg - Vice President/Chief Architect

Mr. Weinberg serves as Vice President and Chief Systems Architect with Luxor Technologies, inc., a credit reporting technology company serving industries nationwide with leading-edge credit reporting software and services. Mr. Weinberg has a wealth of experience in on-line credit reporting systems and has been working in the credit reporting industry for the past 30 years. He is the author of the worlds foremost credit data merge logic, one of the most specialized technologies in the financial services industry, supporting over one hundred thousand transactions daily.

Mr. Weinberg has served as senior technologist, in both management and development capacities, for various technology firms including First American/CREDCO and HNC Software, Inc. Mr. Weinberg co-created First American/CREDCO’s Instant Merge system and designed the direct to consumer credit report being marketed by CREDCO today. While at CREDCO, he also developed such diverse applications as a knowledge based rule engine used for automated application processing and workflow; as well as the first scoring algorithm to be offered in the marketplace, specifically designed for Residential Mortgage Credit Reports.

While at HNC Software, Mr. Weinberg led the development efforts on a system that employs neural network and custom scoring algorithms to detect potentially fraudulent credit applications. The system is currently in use with the national credit data repositories and within Fortune 500 financial institutions. Mr. Weinberg is responsible for designing and building the system's core credit reporting platform. His ongoing responsibilities include software architecture and system development.

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